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Turkish Bath

Hammam is a  bathing procedure that is considered to be  one of the comfortable in terms of  feelings and  as to the algorithm of staying there – one of the more esthetical.  The title of ‘hammam’ comes from the Arabic word ‘ham’ that means ‘hot’, so its name might be interpreted as a ‘hot place’. But really,  ‘hammam’ is a some sort of philosophy reflecting insight of people of the Ancient East.

Hamam is the highest pleasure

The East is an absolutely amazing and fascinating world full of mysterious rituals and interesting customs. The main difference between the Russian’ banya’ and Hammam is the purpose of the procedure. If the old Russian ‘banya’ is a process of cleansing the body and healing steaming, so the Turkish procedure is a combination of pleasure, social communication and careful body care. 

During the reign of the Sultanate, the Hammam was a place where men combined business with pleasure: they rested by body and soul and simultaneously solved the most important state and trade issues. The Hamam was a kind of an elite club which members shared the same interests: spicy hookahs were being burned, fragrant cups of natural coffee were vapouring, helpful masseurs and bath attendants noiselessly wandered around… And spending many hours in  bathing chambers with pleasure was being helped by a special process of visiting the Hammam and the special temperature pattern.

Specific features of Turkish bath

The traditional interior of the Turkish Hammam consists of natural marble, able to maintain a predetermined temperature for a long time. Wet and warm atmosphere in a steam room is created with the help of water  being poured on hot stones. The ambient temperature ranges from +30 °C up  to + 60 °C, which creates a universal atmosphere for any visitor. But the humidity in the Hammam is much higher than one in the usual ‘banya’ - about 100%.

The favorable atmosphere of a Turkish bath could benefit a tired visitor, no harm. In addition, the Muslim baths have adopted a very wise step-by-step procedure. To do this, firstly a visitor undresses in a cool room – ‘Jamecane’, slowly drinking hot drinks. In the second section of the Turkish bath which is called ‘Soguluk’, the visitor is being adapted and receives the first portion of the heat and steam of a moderate temperature - up to +35 °C. And after a nice warming up, finally, he proceeds to the main steaming in the third room – ‘Hararete’ with the highest predetermined  temperature.

Favor of Hammam

Water vapor of a gentle temperature in  Hammam has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system, effectively clears it  from stagnant secret. Moist air steams gently the skin and opens clogged pores. Subsequent cosmetic procedures  - wraps, scrubbing and peeling  - are several times more effective on the well-cleaned and moisturized skin. Procedures are carried out with the use of a premium brand cosmetics – ‘La Sultane de Saba’.

Turkish bath procedure allows ossified muscles to relax, makes them more elastic and mobile. A high percentage of humidity increases the turgor of the epidermis, promotes strong sweating, with the release of toxins and salts. In addition, due to the loss of water by the body there is a mechanical melting of adipose tissue. Preventive massage during the Hamam is the best remedy against cellulite. The step-by-step steaming  process in the Hammam stimulates blood circulation and improves the cardiovascular system.

Should you want your body and soul to feel  the fragrant breath of the Eastern fairy tale – welcome to our Bath Complex in Moscow! At your service - gentle Hammam, experienced massage therapists and a whole range of modern rejuvenating and revitalizing treatments for body beauty and incredible pleasure.


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