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SPA procedures

SPA treatments are completed healing and rejuvenating body care activities. It is believed that the concept of ‘SPA’ is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase – ‘Sanus per Aquam’, which can be translated as ‘Health through water’. In modern medicine and cosmetology, this definition has significantly expanded its boundaries. And today ‘SPA’ means hundreds of caring procedures aimed at a united goal – health and beauty.

Types of SPA treatments

Conventionally, all caring activities could be divided into a few categories:

  • Scrubbing and peeling;
  • Wraps using a variety of means;
  • Face and hair masks;
  • Massage and rubbing;
  • Thermal and steam baths.

Scrubbing is a mechanical cleansing of the skin with the help of fine granulate of salts, coffee beans, pearls, fruit small bones. The scrub acts on the epidermis as a good brush that cleans clogged pores from dust, dirt, and grease. Regular scrubbing at times reduces the likelihood of acne and pimples, reduces scarring of the skin.

Peeling is essentially a burn of the epidermis surface with fruit or chemical acids. This SPA treatment allows one to get rid of the dead skin layer and the aging appearance of yourself, to accelerate the regeneration processes. Peeling reduces facial wrinkles and striae (stretch marks), aligns the contour of the face, makes the skin visually young and fresh.

Body wraps actually are compression procedures, the specifics of which are the heating and the impact of medicinal substances. Intensive heating promotes steaming and softening the body. Special tools such as chocolate, algae, honey, clay act as stimuli on the problem areas with fat deposits, prompting them to melt. The effect of wraps is a reduction of cellulite crust and a significant increase in skin turgor.

Masks for beauty and youth are happened to be moisturizing or nourishing, and are used depending on the type of skin or hair. Dull hair become smooth and shiny as a result of effective masks. Dry skin is saturated with life-giving moisture, becomes elastic and radiant, and oily skin loses its greasy luster and acquires an even aesthetic tone.

Body massage with vegetal oils improves blood circulation and accelerates metabolism at the cellular level. Rubbing with medicinal coupled with a mechanical warming up provide for their  deep penetration into the cells structure.

Thermal SPA treatments are one of the most effective measures for the overall restoration of body beauty and health benefits. These include ‘banya’, steam rooms, saunas, cedar barrels and Jacuzzi. Steam, water, temperature differences and natural plant materials act as a powerful mechanism of purification and rejuvenation of the whole body. A cedar  barrel is a wooden container for taking healing baths with herbs, essential oils and herbs. Analog thereof  is a relaxing Japanese bath ‘Furaco’ with fragrant flowers and medicinal roots. Eastern Hammam with a gentle temperature regime and saturated by humid air is a deep SPA procedure that reveals  full potential of an impact on a human body.

SPA in Moscow

All those wishing to always remain beautiful, healthy and happy – welcome to our Bath Complex in Moscow! At your service - the most effective SPA treatments using the best resources from the depths of nature and experienced hands of professional masters, the best in their profession.


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