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Russian ‘banya’

Russian ‘banya’ is one of the most unique activities which harmoniously combines benefit and pleasure. Relaxation, spicy aroma that permeates every cell of the body, incredible purity and lightness - all these associations are  being caused by a  capacious word – ‘banya’.

‘Banya’ means  bliss and pleasure

In Russia, the process of the usual washing of the body for centuries has become a long ritual of cleansing the body and deep moral satisfaction. Endless row of working days, lack of self-care, chronic ailments – all these unpleasant feelings are more than eliminated while visiting a good ‘banya’. An important prerequisite for the incredible bliss of this activity is the use of natural materials. Wood, field herbs, fragrant branches of a broom under the influence of high temperatures allocate essential oils and organic substances, filling the atmosphere of a steam room with special natural spirit. And herbal collections’ extractions and teas, fruit drinks and compotes, to be necessarily taken during the procedures, gently calm down the nervous system, put in right order thoughts and feelings.

‘Banya’ means benefits for the whole body

The usefulness of the Russian ‘banya’ is an indisputable fact, not  being a subject to doubt. Many diseases of the body and soul for centuries were being treated in the bath, and the cure showed excellent results. The preliminary stage of steaming opens all the pores of the body for the evacuation  of toxins and penetration of natural substances into the cell structures. Mechanical action of coniferous and deciduous brooms leads to exfoliation of the old layers of the epidermis, encourages cells to regenerate, i.e. to the  skin renewal.

Alternations of exposure to high temperature and cooling promotes blood circulation: blood intensively saturates the organs and accelerates their metabolic processes. Inhalation of aromatic vapors cleanse lungs and bronchial tubes of mucus, gently facilitates breathing.

Bath procedures help to cure diseases of the respiratory system, strengthen the immune system, clean the skin’s pores from dirt and fat, increase the turgor of the epidermis, improve blood circulation. A physical relaxation of the body makes a person more cheerful and mentally balanced.
How to steam in  Russian ‘banya’ properly and efficiently

To fully experience the benefits of  Russian ‘banya’, one must comply with the following rules:

  • Before visiting the steam room one needs to take a warm shower;
  • Steaming needs to be alternated with phases of rest;
  • During the rest it is recommended to compensate the moisture lost by the body – to drink healthy extracts with herbs, honey, spices;
  • It is advisable to entrust massage with brooms to a professional ‘banya’ attendant.

Should there are no medical contraindications, then during a visit to the Bath Complex, one  can apply a contrast procedure: after an intense steaming, immerse yourself in cool water. Sudden temperature differences actively shake the whole body, awaken the slow-running and slumbering so far process of rejuvenation, contribute to the breakdown of skin’s fat particles and to the toxins withdrawal.

We kindly invite you to visit our Russian ‘banya’ in Moscow to improve your health, relax and get an unforgettable experience. In addition to the traditional visit to a steam room and steaming with brooms of valuable trees and plants, we will offer you a range of additional procedures:

  • Cleansing masks, scrubbing and skin peeling;
  • SPA wraps;
  • Restorative and therapeutic massage;
  • Rest on the Russian oven in the ‘Hay room’;
  • Hot and cold dippings into fonts.

All these pleasant procedures and many others will allow you to get physical and aesthetic pleasure out of  visiting the  real Russian ‘banya’.


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