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Attendance Rules of  Bath Complex ‘Andreevskye bani’

1. General Attendance Rules.

The Rules for attending the Bath Complex are uniform for all the Guests. Guests are requested to familiarize themselves with these Rules prior to taking  services. Payment for services is considered to be the full consent of a Guest to these Rules. By paying up services a Guest confirms that he/she is familiar with all accurate and complete information about the Rules of visiting the Bath Complex; by ordering a rest within the Bath Complex territory, a Guest accept safety requirements while being  rested, also he/she assumes all the  risks of causing damage to his/her life and health during  procedures, and assumes all the risks of harm to their children’s life and health while staying within the Bath Complex.


The Bath Complex consists of  the real Russian ‘banya’, ceramic steam rooms, a swimming pool with a counter-flow, a lounge with swings, the ‘Hay room’  equipped by the Russian stove with a bunk, also containing  haylofts, as well as a cryo camera, hot and cold fonts, SPA and massage rooms, an outdoor terrace with  a swing, a fireplace and a chan.

Opening hours of the Bath Complex: Opening hours of the Bath Complex: 
  • Daily from 10:00 a.m. till midnight;
  • On Mondays the Complex is closed;
  • Booking is made in advance by phone: 8 925 100 100 8 or via the order form on the website: idivbani.ru

The maximum capacity of the Bath Complex is up to 6 people.


The guarantee for booking the date and the check-in time is ensured by  making advance payment in the amount of 5,000 rubles.


In case of prolongation Guests’ staying in  the Bath Complex, the fee for the extra stay is charged on the basis of  the tariff, i.e. 2,000 rubles  per an extra hour and per each Guest.


If a Guest’s behavior goes beyond the generally accepted ethical norms and standards and if the ongoing situation cannot be regulated otherwise, we will be, unfortunately, forced to ask the Guest to leave the Bath Complex without refunding the  servicing cost.


For the purpose of  Guests’ safety and for the security of the property  of the Bath Complex we make video recording exceptionally on the external perimeter of the Bath Complex.


The water temperature in the swimming pool corresponds to the meanings established  by the Russian sanitary norms (SniPs); water cleaning is also carried out in accordance with the established rules and regulations. The Bath Complex will bear no responsibility if the quality of water is briefly deteriorated due to the Guests’ non-compliance with the personal hygiene rules.

2. Guests’ Responsibilities.

A Guest is obliged to support cleanness and tidiness in the Bath Complex premises.


Guests ought to comply with public order and generally accepted norms and standards of behavior on the Bath Complex territory, to esteem staff and those responsible for maintaining order.


Guests ought to comply with fire safety requirements; here there are strictly prohibited: smoking tobacco products, kindling and smoking hookah, using open fire, fireworks, etc.


A Guest is obliged not to cause any damage to the property or equipment of the Bath Complex. In case any damage occurred, the relevant Act is to be drawn up, and the Guest must pay out to the Administrator the cost of damaged property or equipment, calculated on the basis of the market value of the damaged property.


Should any defects or faults are discovered  pripor to the procedures’ session, the Guest ought to immediately inform the Administrator about them.


Before bathing in the swimming pool and afterwards, the Guest must  take a  shower using a soap and a washcloth.


A Guest undertakes to strictly follow all the Rules and recommendations of the Bath Complex employees.


Should you feel any weakness, dizziness, exhaustion or other discomfort notify the Bath Complex staff immediately.

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3. Prohibitions, recommendations, and absolute contraindications

It is forbidden to smoke and consume alcoholic drinks, drugs and toxic substances throughout all the Bath Complex territory.


It is forbidden to jump into the swimming pool from its sides.


Using  the swimming pool by children under 14 without being accompanied (i.e. without being supervised) by adults is forbidden.


Using  the swimming pool by the Guests having on their bodies  unwashed out foam, shampoo, and brooms’  leaves is forbidden.


It is forbidden to use the Bath Complex for the purpose of  personal hygiene (shaving, washing personal items, etc.). It is forbidden to use the steam room for drying towels and personal belongings.


It is forbidden to spray aerosols in a steam room.


It is forbidden to pour essential oils and other aromatic liquids out on the fireplace.


Запрещается приносить с собой еду и любые напитки.

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  • Before visiting the Bath Complex it is highly recommended to consult a doctor in respect of any contraindications;
  • Before entering the hot space, one needs to take a shower and wipe it dry; do not wet your head before entering a steam room not to cause overheating of your head;
  • Do control the duration of staying in a steam rooms in accordance with the state of health and abilities of your body;
  • While visiting a steam room it is recommended to use a cotton hat to avoid overheating of the head vessels;
  • Be careful in handling the stone oven;
  • Remember that a sudden temperature gradient is unsafe for your health. Do not take too hot or too cold shower before you restore the normal temperature of the body and blood pressure;
  • Be extremely careful and cautious - floor coverings in the washing area, shower and steam rooms, in resting spaces and the swimming pool might be slippery;
  • We kindly ask you to hold onto the handrails and wear rubber slippers to avoid falling and getting injured;
  • We kindly ask you not to leave litter in closets, sofas and on benches;
  • You are kindly requested to use bath accessories (bed sheets, bathrobes, kerchiefs, slates, etc.) only for the intended purposes;
  • Do not forget to take your personal belongings with you.
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Absolute contraindications
  • benign and malignant tumors of various locations, osteomyelitis, trophic ulcers, atherosclerosis of peripheral vessels, thromboangiitis in combination with atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels, accompanied by cerebral crises;
  • aneurysm of vessels, aorta, heart; thrombosis, thrombophlebitis, insufficiency of blood circulation of the third degree, valvular heart disease in the stage of decompensation, acute myocardial ischemia, arising suddenly;
  • high grade cerebral vessels sclerosis with a tendency to thrombosis and hemorrhage, bronchiectasis in the stage of tissue decay, pulmonary heart failure of the third degree, acute cardiovascular insufficiency, pulmonary edema, renal and hepatic insufficiency, active forms of tuberculosis, sexually transmitted diseases, mental diseases with excessive agitation and significantly altered psyche.
It is not recommended:
  • Resorting to a sudden temperature gradient, should you are not a person prepared for this or you have contraindications;
  • Entering a steam room more than 3-5 times;
  • Entering a steam room with a wet body, being tired or hungry;
  • Taking a contrast shower before entering a steam room or a sauna.

All the Guests are required to confirm that they have no contraindications to stay in ‘banya’ prior to the session . The fact of purchasing services for staying on the Bath Complex territory is considered to be the confirmation of lack of any contraindications.

  • By purchasing services for being on the territory of the Bath Complex you confirm that:
  • You are acquainted with these Rules and express your consent thereto;
  • You have no medical contraindications for steaming in ‘banya’;
4. The Administration is not responsible in front of Guests for injuries occurred in the Bath Complex.
5. Forgotten belongings are being stored in the Bath Complex for 7 (seven) days.
6. The Administration of the Bath Complex reserves the right in refusing to visit the Complex by the person who has violated the Rules.
Thank you for obeying the Rules. Have a pleasant stay with us!

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