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Roman Thermal Baths

Roman thermal baths are considered to be the standard of  baths, which are still admired by the whole world. The main feature of the Roman bath is the combination of all known temperature regimes of water and air gathered in one place. In former times, the Roman thermal baths looked extremely grandiose and majestic – the interior details were made of natural stones: marble and granite, the rooms were decorated with architectural delights – beautiful sculptures and bas-reliefs, ornate mosaics and picturesque paintings.

Algorithm of staying in Roman bath

The versatility of the bathing process in ancient Rome allows one to spend the whole day in the temple of  body and soul enjoyment. And in order not to harm health, a person takes the procedure of bathing and steaming in stages. A visit to the baths begins with a rather cool room-apoditeria, where people take off their clothes and look forward to a pleasant and useful pastime in warmth and bliss.

In tepidarium with temperatures from + 30°C to + 40°C with a small percentage of humidity there begins a gradual warming and relaxation of the whole body. The comfort of the tepidarium allows you to wash the body  in order to well prepare it for further procedures. Caldarium is a hot room with a temperature range of +50°C to + 60°C, in which an active sweating is taking place. A mandatory ritual of staying in Caldarium is bathing in a cool pool called Frigidaria. The sharp contrast of temperatures allows to avoid thermal shock at the expense of cooling off after hot steaming.

The next stage of staying in the Roman thermal bath is a dry steam room called ‘laconium’ with a high temperature of up to + 80°C and a low moisture content in the air - no more than 15%. Stay in the dry and hot sauna – a true relaxation and genuine sybaritic delight for people who appreciate physical pleasure.

Mechanism of Roman thermal baths’ operation

The high level of knowledge in ancient Rome allowed even  in those days to use the elements of technological progress – water pipeline, steam boilers and even under floor heating. Water vapor penetrated into the premises through special holes from the boiler being installed in the basement. Hot water pipes heated steaming rooms, while double floors pleasantly heated feet and allowed to avoid burns. Modern Roman baths are being equipped on the similar principle, which allows one to preserve the authentic atmosphere of  the ancient bath complex.

Inheritance of  great Rome - advantage and pleasure

Temperature changes in subsections of Roman thermal bath are improving blood circulation, awakening in the body slowly running metabolic processes, accelerating metabolism. The effect of the sauna  ‘laconium’ is that it does perfectly warm the whole body, cleans stagnant lungs and bronchial tubes. Regular replacing  dry and wet vapor provides for heating and cleansing every cell of a human body. Intensive loss of moisture epidermis leads to the extraction through the pores of the excessive fat particles and sebaceous glands’ products, i.e. of the cellulite deposits sources  under the skin. Sessions of healing massage during the stay in the bath make the body elastic and strong, and the person - cheerful and incredibly rested.

Roman baths and pleasure - a single unit; while visiting such a bath one gets a huge boost of energy, experiencing a range of positive feelings and moments of real pleasure. In our Bath Complex in the Moscow one will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of the luxurious lifestyle of Roman patricians, as well as to get a range of extra services. The wise process of bathing, steaming and relaxation, coupled with effective beauty treatments and professional massage will certainly make you healthy and happy.


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