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Massage, literally speaking, is a procedure of mechanical impact of strong hands on a human body. Many people believe this procedure is a some sort of a relaxing event, but however a massage is a very effective process of healing the body.

Massage. A bit of  history

Since the definition of a ‘massage’ is not Russian, its origin is claimed (of course, conditionally) by many countries. In particular the Arabic word ‘mass’ or ‘masch’  means ‘to gently press, touch’. Another word – originated from the Greek ‘masso’, i.e. ‘to compress by hands’ - is also quite suitable to the definition of the word ‘massage’. And in our case, we will consider this procedure in terms of benefits to a body as a whole.

Massage - algorithm of action

The principle of massage is rubbing a human body with experienced and strong hands. However, the imperishable aspect of the life of the ancient physician Hippocrates - ‘Do no harm’- applies in the best way to the definition of the capacious word  ‘massage’. So, it is obvious that the right effect of tactile touching a living body is desirable only with the participation of a professional master possessing acquired skills and experience. Specialist, while flexing muscles and joints, immediately determines the problem areas of the body. After all, the outer shell of the body is only a reflection of internal ailments that a professional masseur can see at once.

Intensive heating of a body under the skillful hands of the masseur is a powerful stimulus for awakening  inveterate and slow processes in a human body. Physically, this phenomenon is manifested in an unusual range of feelings: relaxation, pleasure, peaceful state of mind. And this is the first effect that a person can feel at once. Follow-up results of therapeutic massage will manifest themselves later, when chronic illnesses, that were being  cured for years not quite successfully, disappear. From an aesthetic point of view, a person feels real pleasure, not even suspecting what benefits the body receives.

The benefits of massage

An experienced master in a massage’s process uses a variety of tools, which being coupled with the skillful force influence produce a miraculous effect. The initial stage of massage is a standard heating of a body, during which the human body relaxes as much as possible. Further procedures, to achieve excellent results, occur with the use of special tools. Aromatic and essential oils are the powerful stimulants of beauty and youth. Under  strong hands of a master, in combination with vegetal substances,  the real transformation of the body is taken place. Blood actively saturates the organs, muscles become elastic and strong,  and the mood is being improved!

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