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About Bath Complex

Our Concept

Family SPA Club ‘Andreevskye Bani’ has been contrived as a project that has no analogues in Russia. Yes, in our country there are many upscale bath complexes, superb from the technical point of view, in terms of equipment status and contents, but we have decided, in addition to everything, to make a bet on human beings - both those working with us and visiting us.

What is the uniqueness of our Family SPA Club in?

People who love ‘banya’ and have had the opportunity to compare different bath complexes, have got to know that, as a rule, almost everyone of them employs one or two top ‘banya’ attendants. In narrow circles their names are well known to all concerned - as the best masters in their profession. Well, there is no secret that visitors often go not even into a specific ‘banya’ (many of these institutions are proved to be similar), but to get service by a particular ‘banya’ attendant or a massage therapist.

We have gathered the best of the best ‘banya’ attendants and massage therapists from all over the country. With their  interesting and unique profiles you can get acquainted  in the website relevant section.

The second feature of our Bath Complex is that visitors are having  a good and easy mood while staying with us. With a serious knowledge of physiology and anatomy, our masters offer a smooth comfortable steaming. There is no, and there will never be extreme temperatures here. Our Bath Complex is built and equipped in such a way that health comes through bliss - and not by stressive impact on a body. For us the main thing is that a person feels comfortable and enjoys visiting the ‘banya’. Proper steaming from the best masters in this profession and the opportunity to try all kinds of massages – all this contributes a lot to the fact that the body is disconnected from the surrounding world, the head is cleared out of all disturbing around, and a person can truly relax, get rid of stresses, clean out himself/herself not only of toxins, but also from  having accumulated negative emotions.

Family holiday
People are our top priority.
We have tried to create the SPA Club where you can relax with the whole family.

It is well known that the vast majority of people is afraid of ‘banya’ because of childhood impressions, as well as because of more adult experience... The so-called ‘banya’ stereotype works at full length. People think that in ‘banya’ it might be very hot, or it is some sort an inpure place (a paradox is here!), where people spend time in questionable companies and alcoholic libations. Unfortunately, this is a really well-established stereotype in the minds of people.

We invite you  to visit  us and make sure that our Bath Complex is of a completely different format. This is, first of all, a family club, where you can relax without any frills. Just to relax. Only comfortable steaming.

We have not had yet a client staying in the Club all alone, just by itself. Steam attendants work with everyone. ‘Banya’ is a space of feelings, and it is the steam attendant who  helps you to experience  relaxation and comfortable rest, ‘cleaning out the head’ and getting positive emotions. The fact is that our Bath Complex is built and equipped professionally, it contributes to the best effect, but it does not replace the activity of masters themselves.

There is a special space allocated for women and children in our Complex. Our Club, first of all, is a family story. And here there are only comfortable therapeutic temperatures and loads, allowing visitors to completely disconnect and relax.

Equipment status

Three steam rooms, the  ‘Hay room’ with the Russian stove and a hayloft, a living room with a swing and an aquarium, an ice font, always fresh fluffy snow, the ten-meter swimming pool of 3 meters depth with counter-flow and underwater music, a cryo chamber, a hot font with hydro massage, the chan called ‘Humpbacked Horse’, a SPA capsule and a water couch, massage and SPA rooms - all this, taken together with  five-star services, makes our Bath Complex the most equipped and prestigious in Russia.

SPA Club is in a position to host up to 10 persons at a time

All of us understand perfectly well that for resting in a ‘banya’ a price depends primarily on the procedure duration   and on number of masters who will work with a visitor. Therefore, in our SPA Club the final cost of a visit depends on how much time you have spent with us, and number of  ‘banya’ attendants and massage therapists who would provide services to you.

Our Guests can also enjoy tea, honey, dried fruits – all included in the price.

When a family or a friendly company comes to our SPA Club, the doors of the Club are supposed to be closed for the other visitors, and thus the whole Complex is providing services only to these Guests.

We offer only ‘banya’ procedures and SPA treatments, without any frills.

It looks like it is for the first time the elite mode of steaming under guidance of the best masters gathered from all over Russia has become available to the general public.

Pleasant quiet music, comfortable ambience and temperatures – all this is designed for a family ‘banya’ holiday, which hopefully will become your weekly tradition.


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